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Organizations require full-time anti-cybercrime vigilance. Kapres Technology offers comprehensive and successful cyber strategies for your business.

Our CISO-as-a-Service offers all the advantages and peace of mind of a security manager.

Security Audit

An IT security audit is an approach that allows to know the general security level of the information system, but also to review the access policy to the company’s data and to the various network configurations.

The IT security audit ensures the availability of the information system. The integrity of your data, the confidentiality of access, and provides evidence of who has access, at what time, and to what data or applications.

Why do an audit?

The development of the Internet, the interconnection of networks and the interconnection of devices are factors that increase IT risks within companies.
Security auditing is used to:

  • Ensure the integrity of the company’s data and information capital.
  • To discover and understand the possible vulnerabilities of the information system.
  • Establish protection and security policies adapted to the operation of the company and its information system.

it auditing: Kapres Technology’s offering

  • Define the strategic objectives of the audit through a letter of commitment.
  • Analysis of the existing (physical infrastructure audit, systems audit, network and organization audit).
  • Conducting penetration tests and vulnerability tests.
  • Issuing recommendations and an action plan to correct vulnerabilities and reduce risks. These different steps allow to evaluate: Management of security updates, data access policy, backup management, any recovery or business continuity plan and network configurations (firewall, routers, reverse proxy, etc.).

Managed security services CISO’s

A highly experienced, independent and strategic CISO to create and/or improve your cyber security strategy, policies, processes and controls. Operating as an extension of your business, and bridging the gap between executive leadership and functional heads. A highly skilled CISO will provide cyber readiness and maturity, ensuring a comprehensive cyber defense.

CISO-AS-A-SERVICE will provide your organization:

Expert Orientation
Ongoing support, advice and guidance from an experienced cybersecurity professional who understands your organization and business processes.
Cost Efficiency
The advantages and peace of mind of a full-time in-house CISO at a fraction of the cost and without the challenges of hiring and fixed overhead.
Cyber Protection
Unmatched defense against attacks and rapid technical and organizational responses to breaches, reducing business impact.

Intrusion Test

There are three types of tests:

Black box: the intruder does not know the system to attack. This scenario is very common when a company is hired to perform the intrusion study.

White box: the test performer knows all the details of the system under attack, network structure, architectures, operating systems, etc.

Gray box: when the attacker knows certain details of the system and possesses some kind of information such as passwords of some kind. This attack simulates the intrusion of an employee as an attacker, to assess the privileges of users in the systems.

Why do this test?

The objectives are clear:

  • Identify vulnerabilities in your information system or application.
  • Evaluate the degree of risk of each defect identified.
  • Propose arrangements in a prioritized manner.
  • Thanks to the penetration test, we can qualify:
    1. The severity of the vulnerability.
    2. The complexity of the correction.
    3. The order of priority to be given to corrections.
    4. The goal is not malicious, but to make sure that these vulnerabilities are real.

What are the results?

A high-level executive summary with key security information, detailed test reports with specific targets and results of all attacks performed.

A step-by-step report of the tests performed and the vulnerability found; followed by the security recommendations required to close those vulnerabilities.

A ranking or scale of the vulnerabilities found to determine their level of compromise and determine an action plan.

What is a pentest?

An intrusion test, or penetration test, Pentest, is a set of techniques and methodologies that allow us to simulate an attack on the systems of any company/client in a very organized way. It consists of analyzing a target, putting oneself in the shoes of an attacker. It is a process of controlled malicious hacking within a system, to identify the vulnerabilities of the entire organization.

It aims to determine the level of security that the networks, systems or applications of a company have, and the level of access that any cyber attacker could have. This target can be: an IP, an application, a web server, or an entire network.


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