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Scalable storage:

Hybrid cloud data at scale

Scalable, software-defined RING storage enables enterprises and service providers to run petabytest-scale data-rich services such as web applications, VOD, active archiving, legal/switchable compliance archives and private storage clouds.

The RING is deployed on standard x86 servers of your choice, immediately leveraging server and physical media innovation. Acting as a single, distributed system, the RING scales linearly across thousands of servers, multiple sites and an unlimited number of objects. Data is protected with policy-based replication, erasure coding and geographic distribution, achieving up to 14x9s durability and 100% availability.
Considered a “leader” in file and object storage by IDC and Gartner, and with built-in support for native file, object and AWS IAM and S3 interfaces, the RING provides high performance across a variety of workloads with up to 90% lower total cost of ownership than traditional storage.

Always active

Petabyte scale

Hybrid cloud


Main features


  • Adaptable and sustainable on future platforms and technological innovations
  • No silos or data migrations
  • Deployed on industry-standard x86 storage servers (no vendor lock-in, optimal TCO).


  • Fast, application-centric primary storage for new or emerging workloads
  • High performance with ultra-low latency and scalability up to 10 GB/s cloud-native throughput
  • Kubernetes-based architecture running entirely in containers
  • Supports multiple Kubernetes distributions as well as bare-metal deployments

Data protection

  • Asynchronous replication to a remote instance
  • Dual-layer Erasure Coding for the highest levels of data durability with the lowest overhead and improved performance
  • Distributed Erasure Codes protect all servers
  • Local Erasure Codes protect within a single server


  • Grows organically from single node to hyperscale

Application and management API

  • Comprehensive S3 API, including IAM implementation
  • Streamlined and intuitive user interface
  • Promethèus API

Multi-cloud management

  • Integrated multi-cloud data, workflow management and metadata search in a single pane of glass
  • Federated cloud data management with a global namespace

Cloud-native object storage for modern applications.

We redefined object storage for the new era of data. An extremely simple, lightweight and advanced platform that covers everything from Edge needs to scale-out deployments in the Core and even in the cloud. It meets the cloud-native persistent storage requirements of containerized applications developed and deployed by organizations.

Distributed object storage

  • API support for AWS IAM & S3
  • Multi-purpose replication to a second site or to AWS S3; with fully S3-compatible API
  • Location control for data sovereignty
  • Georeplication for disaster recovery
  • Object encryption for ironclad security
  • Simple multi-tenant management interface for secure access control
  • Integrated S3 browser
  • Integrated supervision and monitoring
  • Federated authentication
  • S3 service management console


  • Enterprise-scale file and object storage
  • Software-defined – turns industry-standard x86 servers into storage nodes
  • Unlimited capacity and performance scaling
  • Guaranteed data availability
  • No single point of failure
  • Native data protection and auto-recovery
  • All-Flash support for optimized performance and extended use cases

Distributed file system

  • Scale-out capability and performance via NFS V4, SMB and LinuxFS (fuse)
  • Shared access to archived data via the AWS-S3 API
  • Extended (synchronous) multisite deployment for site failover protection
  • Asynchronous geo-replication for disaster recovery
  • Concurrent file access across multiple sites

Extended Data Management (XDM)

  • Organización y movilidad de datos en RING y nubes públicas: políticas de ciclo de vida, replicación 1-Many
  • Espacio de metadatos global, visibilidad y búsqueda en RING y nubes públicas

Enterprise Security

  • Key Management System (KMS) integration via KMIP 1.2
  • SELinux support and elimination of root user processes
  • Kerberos authentication for NFSV4
  • Ransomware protection via AWVS S3 Object Lock

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