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We are committed to:
- Recruitment and training of specialized profiles.
- Creation and management of specific services, such as CISO as a Service, CISOs.
- Definition and implementation of highly specialized technological services.
- Reorientation of profiles in different technologies of the future.

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Service Creation and Management

The technology sector is a sector in total evolution and demands more and more qualified professionals. In Kapres Technology we must continue to professionalize the sector, which continues to expand and grow, as it is our obligation, to provide the best service to our customers, and the best training to our technical team; creating new models of interaction with our customers and our professionals.

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Selection and Training of Specialized Profiles

Training, essential for our IT professionals. It serves both to move professionals from one position to another and to hire profiles that do not quite fit and train them for the position we need to fill.
The IT sector evolves very fast, so one of our social benefits is training. In any case, it is also essential to maintain their work motivation.

At Kapres Technology we allocate budget items for the training, qualification and certification of our technical team.
At Kapres Technology we base our selection on our chain of contacts, colleagues and recommendations, hence our low turnover rate. We rely on marketing techniques aimed at transmitting inside and outside the organization the values and characteristics that define it as an employer, and allow us to differentiate ourselves from other companies and gain a competitive advantage in the struggle to hire the best professionals.

Making the company a 'desired' place is essential to attract and retain talent, improving the competitiveness and results of the organization.
Employer branding is our long-term strategy aimed at managing the knowledge and perceptions of current and potential employees about our company. We have incorporated employer branding within Kapres Technology and we are putting it into practice to achieve the following advantages:
- Improve employee loyalty, reducing absenteeism and staff turnover.
- Strengthen the sense of belonging of human capital and, thus, the motivation and involvement of current employees.
- Enable our organization to differentiate itself from the competition based on a value-added proposition.
- Boost our overall brand image in the IT society.

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